As part of the fifth package Sanctions imposed by the European Union on Russia Rail crossing prohibited from July 10 Cement, alcohol and luxury goods. From August 10, the transfer ban will apply coalAnd from December 5, the transit ban oil And the petroleum products. He referred to the emerging information about the ban Governor of Kaliningrad Oblast.

“I read that Lithuania The sanctions list was extended to include Kaliningrad transit. It is not. The sanctions approved by the European Commission are gradual, they were adopted in March, and now there is only the next stage of their implementation in various goods ”- wrote on Telegram Anton Alikhanov.

As he added, The authorities of the Kaliningrad region They do not consistently agree to the sanctions imposed by the European Union. “We are counting on our efforts Ministry of Foreign Affairs– wrote the governor.

In response, we propose a total ban on the movement of goods between the three Baltic states and Russia (except for Kaliningrad Oblast) ”- wrote Alekhanov. In his opinion, this would allow ports in Kaliningrad Oblast, which were affected by the restrictions imposed by them European Union.

Due to the ban on the transit of some goods to and from Kaliningrad Oblast A spokeswoman for Russian diplomacy issued a statement on Friday. as indicated Maria ZakarovaIf the situation does not stabilize, Russia It will take decisive steps towards Lithuania and the European Union“.

a look: Kaliningrad. Russia warns Lithuania and the European Union: We will take decisive steps

Russia Announced retaliatory measures to impose sanctions affecting the situation in Kaliningrad region.

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