Now that we’re on lockdown again, we can no longer go to our local Primark and browse (or buy in bulk) for our heart’s content.

And while you still can’t shop online on the brand’s website, there is still an unknown way you can get it from Primark Repair this month – but it will cost you more.


All Primark stores are temporarily closed again for their second UK shutdownCredit: AFP-Getty

That’s right, there is a limited selection of Primark products available for purchase on Amazon – including Disney and Harry Potter birthday Decorations.

However, Primark does not have a “business partnership” with Amazon which is why products can be up to four times their regular price.

“Which Primark products appearing on the Site are being resold by third parties, at higher prices,” The brand wrote it on their Facebook page last year. “We encourage our customers to visit us in our stores to find the best value.”

But since all stores are closed for November, shopping on Amazon and eBay is the only way you can buy Primark products in closed mode.

You can buy a Primark Harry Potter blanket on Amazon


You can buy a Primark Harry Potter blanket on AmazonCredit: Amazon
  • Primark Harry Potter blanket, £ 29.99 from Amazon- Buy now
There's even a bunch of Disney products to choose from


There’s even a bunch of Disney products to choose fromCredit: Amazon
  • Primark Toy Story 4 slippers, from £ 12.99, Amazon – Buy now
These Harry Potter balls will set you back £ 20


These Harry Potter balls will set you back £ 20Credit: Amazon
  • Primark Harry Potter costume, £ 19.99 from Amazon- Buy now
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Currently, you can choose four sets of Hogwarts Christmas balls for £ 19.99 or the fluffy Harry Potter blanket for £ 29.99.

Meanwhile, Amazon also has a Lilo and Stitch dog bed in stock for £ 59.99 and a soft throw for £ 24.99.

And after the closure was lifted, Primark bosses reportedly want to open stores 24 hours a day in December.

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