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Yesterday, French naval police detained two British ships, one of which directed its course to the port of Le Havre and the other to obstruct control. France is retaliating against the UK over restrictions on granting fishing licenses to French fishermen in British waters after Brexit.

The post-Brexit post-Brexit dispute between France and Great Britain over fishing has heated up again. The detention of two British ships came after the French authorities announced retaliatory measures against the United Kingdom over restrictions on granting fishing licenses in British waters to French fishermen. The French naval gendarmerie fined the crew of one ship, which made it difficult to conduct the inspection (although, as it turned out, had permission to fish in the area where it was located), the other ship – Cornelis Geert Jean Teller, redirected it to the port of Le Havre , because he had no supposed hunting rights. Andrew Brown, manager of Macduff Shellfish, who owns the latter unit, noted that the fishing was legal. Brown added that his company’s vessel had become nothing more than a “pawn in the dispute” between France and the UK over the implementation of the post-Brexit fishing terms agreement.

The French are tightening their way to Great Britain

The French Minister of State for European Affairs, Clement Bonn, spoke harshly about the detention of British units, who said that France had “so far been in dialogue”, but only received half the license (which is unacceptable to her). Now he “has to start speaking the language of power because that seems to be the only thing the British government understands.” In turn, the Department of the Sea press release stated that “inspections during the scallop fishing season are part of the tightening of controls in the context of talks on licensing with the UK and the European Commission”.

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What about the British? Well, the UK authorities are, as always, trying to put on a bad face and seem quite surprised by the actions of the French. France’s threats are disappointing and disproportionate, and this is not what we expect from a close ally and partner. The UK authorities said in a short statement that the measures being threatened are not in line with the Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) and more broadly with international law, and would be met with an appropriate and proportionate response if taken. release. Priti Patel added: “In terms of what happened this morning, I think it’s important to say that this is of course disappointing and we as a country have fulfilled all of our obligations under the Technical Assistance Act.

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