The movie based on the anime “Cowboy Bebop” will be released on Netflix on November 19.

Netflix Today he revealed a full trailer for his upcoming series – Cowboy Bebop. Acting adapted from the popular anime series From the nineties of the twentieth century will appear in the catwalk show already November 17. Now we can watch her trailer!

Cowboy Bebop is an action-packed western space that tells the story of three “cowboys” – bounty hunters who flee from the demons of the past. Spike Spiegel, Jet Black and Faye Valentine are completely different from each other, but they have one thing in common – they are killers. Together, they form a somewhat chaotic, but colorful team that is ready to catch the most dangerous criminals in the entire solar system for the right payment. However, boldness and cynicism will not help them face their most dangerous opponent, their past.

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The series was based on the Japanese anime series of the same name. original director – Shinichiro Watanabe He acted as a consultant in the process of creating the representative version of his work. It is also worth emphasizing that the composer of the soundtrack is Yoko Kano, ie the original music maker. Who will we see in Cowboy Beop? They will star in the main roles John Chu (Star Trek, American Pie, the two out of town), Daniela Pineda (What/If, The Originals, Jurassic World: Upadłe królestwo) And Mustafa Shaker (American Gods, Luke Cage, Shaft). They will accompany them on screen, among other things Elena Satine (City of Wonders, Gifted: Marked, Vengeance) And Alex Hassell (Boys, Super Beacon, Hope Hill). He is a model and a producer Andrei Nemec.

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Cowboy Bebop

  • Production country: United States of America
  • creators: Andrei Nemec
  • Type: adventure, science fiction
  • spit: John Cho, Daniela Pineda, Mustafa Shakir, Elena Satin, Alex Hassell, Rodney Cook, Kaley Neal, Jay Paulson
  • date of publication: November 17

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