Pope Francis has confirmed that he does not plan to resign from office at this time. However, he said that if he resigned, he would become a retired bishop of Rome and would not return to Argentina.

In an interview with Mexico’s Televisa Univision, the Pope said that If he resigns, he will not wear a white dress and live in the Vatican.

The 85-year-old pope has also expressed reservations that he does not intend to step down for the time being. I noticed it at the same time The door is open after the resignation of Benedict XVI in 2013.

If that happened, Francis explained, he wouldn’t want to be called a “retired pope.” This is what was said about Benedict XVI.

On his resignation, Francis said that “the first such experience went well, for he is a holy and wise man.” But in the future – in his opinion – Rules should be developed for such cases and should be clearly articulated.

Francis revealed that, should he resign his position, he would like to find a church in Rome where he could hear confessions and visit the sick. When suggesting that it might have been the Basilica of Saint John Lateran, the cathedral of the Bishop of Rome, he replied: “Maybe.”

When asked if he would like to stay in the Vatican or return to Argentina, he replied: “Absolutely not.”

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Regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Francis made it clear that he would rather talk about the victims than the perpetrators And about the “attacked country” as well as “the wild things we read and know who does.”

He described his reaction to the accusation as “pro-Russian”: “I laugh. People’s ability to express their opinions is limitless.” Lots of opinions originate from the latest Twitter post Pope values.