The First Lady of the United States was criticized by Latinos after a speech she gave at a conference in San Antonio, Texas. “The diversity of this community, as distinct as bodegas in the Bronx, with the beauty of Miami flowers, and as unique as the breakfast tacos, here in San Antonio, is your strength,” said Jill Biden. The first lady misspelled the name of the Spanish wineries – “Bojedas” instead of “Bodegas”.

From Latin to Jill Biden: Don’t reduce us to stereotypes

Her words did not like the National Association of Spanish Journalists. They replied, “We are not tacos.” They also called on the first lady of the United States to “spend more time understanding their culture better.” Our heritage is shaped by diaspora, different cultures and culinary traditions. Do not limit us to stereotypes – they appealed.

Jill Biden was previously criticized by the community in March 2021 after she misspelled “Sí se puede” (yes, we can) in an interview with ranch workers in Delano, California. During the 2020 election campaign, her husband faced a wave of criticism when he tried to solicit votes by playing Luis Fonsi’s Spanish-speaking song “Despacito” on his phone.

Former President Donald Trump also made a mistake in this regard. In 2016, during the presidential race, he posted on Twitter a photo of himself eating tacos with the caption: “I love Latinos!” It is seen as a clumsy attempt to cajole the Latino community.

Support for Biden is declining, and so is among Latinos

A recent Quinnipiac poll found that 26% of Latinos — voters who traditionally favor the Democratic Party — support Joe Biden as president, compared to 55%. support a year ago.

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