The event aims to connect, inspire and empower both start-ups and companies that are already developing technology and innovation. 300 Economy is the media sponsor of the event.

Organized by the PLUGin Foundation, which works for innovative Polish diaspora, Polish Tech Day is the main platform for Polish-British relations in the technology and innovation sector.

The dynamically changing epidemiological situation in the world has accelerated technology development. During this year’s edition, Polish Technology Day organizers will check whether technology, in addition to making profits, can bring about positive changes in society.

The COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit have put entrepreneurs in a position where they have to grapple with previously unknown challenges and search for new solutions. At the same time, technology and innovation are becoming increasingly important in many sectors. How does the Polish technological diaspora behave in these new realities? Polish Technology Day connects communities with those who want to learn about this community, as well as get a look at the problems of the present and how to turn failure into lessons for the future.– says Kuba Janas, project head of this year’s Polish Technology Day.

Technology during a crisis. Startup successes and failures

The seventh edition of PTD examines current challenges from different perspectives. The panel “Technology and Social Impact: How Startups Can Help Society” with the participation of, among others, Szymon Szczepanowski of Vintom or Karol Górnowicz of Skriware, will analyze how social enterprises are supported through technology and innovation, and whether a startup focused on can bring Society profits.

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Participants in the panel “Designing a Green Future” will look at how Polish startups, investors and politicians can contribute to implementing the Green Deal.

In turn, the “Climate Neutrality and Climate Change” committee hosted by the British Embassy in the Republic of Poland will focus on how technology companies and investors affect the climate.

Stories of the innovations of the Polish diaspora will also be presented. Part of “Success Stories? Medical Technology and the Pandemic” will focus on the experiences of entrepreneurs of Polish descent who succeeded during the COVID-19 pandemic and will ask how much it will cost.

The Ugly Truth will feature honest stories from the startup world: How do you know which moment to leave? How to deal with failure? “Good Drama” representatives, along with other experienced guests, will help answer these questions.

“How does the Polish diaspora participate in the world?” It will present the findings of the latest report from the Immigration Museum of Gdynia and the PLUGin Foundation on the innovative Polish diaspora, inviting diaspora members from Germany, Australia, Singapore and Great Britain to participate in the discussion.

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Polish innovations on a global scale

Polish Tech Day is not just great billboards, but also one of the most anticipated competitions for startups from Poland and Central and Eastern Europe – “Pitch To London”. During the event, the startups will present themselves to a jury of British and international investors and experts.

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In addition, the winners of the API Prize for Polish Innovation Ambassadors will be announced, with the aim of recognizing and encouraging successful Polish technological entrepreneurs internationally. The event partners are: Google For Startups, Kulczyk Incredibles, British Embassy in Warsaw, Embassy of the Republic of Poland in London, Wolves Summit and Poland Innovative. Media sponsor is 300 economies.

The event will be held on the Hopin platform, allowing, among other things, 1: 1 networking and simultaneous sessions. Participation in the Polish Technology Day is free of charge. Pre-registration is required. More information and registration at

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