James Cameron’s films included a successful show. If you choose a production by income, it is worth knowing that up to three of this director’s films are among the highest-earning titles of all time: “Terminator 2”, “Titanic” and “True Lies”. How does a truck driver become a golden Hollywood innovator? All because of a passion for special effects. Cameron’s activities in this area attracted the attention of producers from New World Pictures, who decided to commission him to direct “Piranha II: Flying Killers.” And while the movie was considered a very poor production years later, it definitely couldn’t fit into the category of Cameron’s best films – it was the director’s ticket to the big cinema and that’s why it’s worth watching.

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James Cameron’s best movies – ranking

Viewers appreciate Cameron’s films primarily for their special effects. The best products include titles that take us into the realm of robots and mysterious creatures, but they are also worth noting the Romans At all times directed by this creator. More from James Cameron Best Films category below:

Aliens of the Deep (2005)

  • The picture tells the story of an expedition into the depths of the ocean’s hot springs – a place to seek refuge for unique forms of life that cannot be found on Earth. Unusual creatures lead an internal struggle to dominate the world of hot geysers. Cameron’s Underwater World is a combination of a science fiction movie with the image of nature. What is hiding in the depths of the ocean?
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James Cameron produces large scale productions and is not limited to his role. An interesting fact is that the 3D Realistic Camera System (RCS), invented by Cameron himself, was used to create this image.

“Aliens – The Decisive Conflict” (The Aliens, 1986)

  • Officer Eileen Ripley is the only one who survived a mysterious attack on the “Nostromo” spacecraft. After nearly 60 years drifting through space, it has been found and brought back to Earth. The rescue causes another loneliness – no one can believe her story about this extraordinary beast. However, this happens until the company (the owner of Nostromo) loses contact with the colony where the alien shipwreck was identified.

Cameron films are famous for their special effects, which in the case of this image does not imply advanced technology at all. Due to budget cuts, developers only had six refrigerated capsules that played a major role in the awakening scene. To intensify the effect, mirrors and collector were used.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)

  • Title Terminator T-800 receives an order to protect John Connor, who in the future will command people who will fight against the machines. In the context of special effects, the unusual process of creating sounds deserves attention. For the purposes of the film, the lead sound engineer recorded wind whistling sounds. A skull cracking sound was obtained as a result of the recording of the cracking sound of peanuts.

The Abyss (1989)

  • American submarine, after a surprise attack, sinks to the bottom of the ocean. The rescue operation organized by the army did not achieve the expected effect due to the lack of dedicated equipment. Search station employees are helping, who manage to establish contact with foreigners at the same time. “The Abyss” is the first film to use a so-called blue screen (blue box) in underwater images.
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“Avatar” (2009)

  • The movie tells the story of Jake, a paralyzed commando who has been sent to the magical planet Pandora. Immediately, it establishes relationships with the local community at risk of extinction. Will he be able to stop the destruction process? The project was born in Cameron’s head in the 1990s, but the director abandoned the project due to the level of technology at the time, which did not allow him to fully reflect his vision.

Avatar 2. James Cameron reveals the progress of the work. “We finished filming.”

“The Terminator” (1984)

  • The first part is about a cyber killer sent from the future to the 1980s, whose target is the mother of a future revolutionary leader whom only Kyle Reese can protect. Terminator’s electronic music was originally supposed to be composed by Tony Banks himself, a keyboard player from the Genesis group. In the end, the command is given to Brad Fidel.

Titanic (1997)

  • This love story needs no introduction. In 1912, a British cruise ship embarked on its maiden voyage to the United States. A passionate love story erupts between a poor immigrant and an aristocrat – however, the emerging sentiment is interrupted by a historical disaster. During the filming of flooding the hall with large stairs, there was no doubt about the repetition, as the water destroyed the entire collection, including the equipment and the landscape.

Still from the movieTitanic. Until now, people hadn’t noticed that Rose wasn’t lying at the door