The “evacuees” from Mariupol, occupied by Russian troops, already found out on the buses that they were going to be taken to Russia, that is, they were de facto deported, Petro adviser Androchenko reported in Telegram.

For the first time we see how the deportation is – Andrushchenko wrote. Subway area. They stop buses and announce evacuation. Already upon boarding, they reported that the bus was heading to the village of Bezimenne in the Nowa Azov region, and then to Russia – He adds.

According to the mayor’s advisor Russian soldiers and “volunteers” repel all attempts to leave Mariupol and refuse to deport. Surrealism has become a reality in Mariupol Andrushchenko commented, posting a video showing a large group of local residents on buses.

On Friday, Andrushchenko reported that 512 Mariupol residents had been deported to Russia in the past 24 hours. The residents first go to the so-called filter camp in the village of Bizimen. The Russians call a “candidacy” to screen Ukrainian citizens for their support for the authorities in Kyiv and their contacts with the armed forces.

The Russians say they have taken Azovstal

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