nThe Wagner Group mercenaries in the village of Mora killed hundreds of civilians – The French Foreign Ministry announced on Monday.

Mora is the seat of a village and a municipality in southern Mali.

Months ago, Paris accused Russia of sending Russian mercenaries to Mali It is subordinate to the Kremlin and cooperates with the local military authorities. Mali demanded that French forces leave the country in February of this year.

The French operation in Mali, which has extended since 2014 to include the entire sub-Saharan region, has recently entered a critical phase, due to the seizure of the government in Mali by the rebels and their employment of mercenaries from Russia’s Wagner Group.

France will have to find its own wayRegarding the form and objectives of the military mission in Mali, French Defense Minister Florence Parly made an assessment in January.

5,100 French soldiers are participating in the French operation. The hexagram is the only Western country that has carried out such extensive military operations against Islamist fighters in the western Sahel, which covers the southern fringes of the Sahara.