Lingua Marina recently became a mother for the second time. The woman told via social media not only about the birth itself – which was really candid – but also about the bill the hospital had issued to her. The amount can make you feel dizzy.

Lingua Marina gave birth to a baby in 20 minutes

Lingua Marina from the United States is very active on social media. The woman has a YouTube channel where she talks about the widely understood lifestyle. He also runs a profile on TikTok. There she posted a short video in which she talked about her birth.

Maternity themes for a young mother

Lingua said in her report that when the first contractions appeared, she decided not to go to the hospital immediately, but waited a few hours. When I finally got to the maternity ward, labor started almost immediately. – I already had a dilation of eight centimeters. We were directed straight to the delivery room. It was my second birth so things went really fast – She admitted in the registry.

Everything went without any complications and Only 20 minutes later she was already in her own room with the baby. – We had our own bathroom. My husband could stay with me and we both had unlimited meals, I added the freshly baked mum.

How much does hospital stay cost?

In the other part of the video, we learned that the woman only spent one night in the hospital and asked to be discharged from the house the next day. Although her ward stay was very short, the hospital still charged her. It turned out that the facility valued its residence and its pores For $36,000, or more than 160,000 zlotys.

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– I had insurance, so I only had to pay 2000 dollars, but still 36 thousand. For a natural birth and one night in the hospital, the woman said incredibly.

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Main image source: Cernovic/Getty Images