Directed by Denis Villeneuve, “Dunes” can be seen in some countries since last Friday. Earning nearly $37 million in the show’s first weekend gives hope that the show will continue, it has already been announced. The impetus of the filmmakers is evidenced by the statement of the designers working in this production, who revealed that they had prepared about a thousand costumes for his needs.

Dune stylists Jacqueline West and Bob Morgan spoke to Variety. They revealed that they had made nearly a thousand costumes to dress up the inhabitants of the three major worlds for the film. “While preparing for work, I was looking for inspiration in David Lean’s films: +Dr. Zhivago and +Lawrence of Arabia+, as well as in +451°F + Ray Bradbury,” he explains. The costume designer admitted that her inspiration went further, to ancient Greece and Rome, as well as to the paintings of Goya, Caravaggio, Bedouin costumes, tarot cards or Balenciaga designs. In terms of color, it was inspired by the colors of the sands and stones of Jordan, where the pictures of the movie “Dunes” were filmed.

The first outfit she prepared was the famous candidate’s son-in-law – a protective suit necessary to survive on the desert planet of Arrakis. Book descriptions and consultations with Keith Christensen, who worked on the costumes for the characters in Black Panther, helped prepare it. “Each of them had to fit the silhouette of the actor. It was their movement that theoretically activated the fracture filter to start it and start the distillation. In both the book and the movie, the filter presses use water from the human body—they convert it into a gas, which is then filtered through The lines inside the suit act as coolant, West said.

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The Polish premiere of “Dunes” is scheduled for October 22. On the same day, the film will be shown in US cinemas and on the HBO Max streaming platform. How much he earns in movie theaters will determine whether he continues. From the start, the film was billed as one big project split into two parts, but the outbreak of the pandemic put those plans into question. (life PAP)

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