Regarding the Omikron variant, we will increase the hospital infrastructure to the level of 40 thousand. bed, and with a less optimistic wording of up to 60,000 – the Minister of Health, Adam Nidzelsky, announced during Tuesday’s press conference.

Poland continues to record systematic increases in coronavirus cases, reaching 10%. From week to week. As the head of the Ministry of Health, Adam Nedzelsky, explained Tuesday during a press conference, the government is treating this as an anomaly rather than a trend.

In the past few days, we’ve had more tests done than 5 days ago, over 70,000. This means more tests are being done, more cases are being discovered – but the detectability of Covid is decreasing all the time.“, He said.

He also added, the detection rate so far is up to 30 percent. “So the situation is temporarySaid Nedzelsky. The government interprets this situation as an anomaly and therefore it is not planning to introduce any new restrictions yet.

With the advent of the most contagious variant of Omikron, which the government expects to hit at the end of January, the number of beds in hospitals will be increased.

We will increase the hospital infrastructure to the level of 40 thousand. A bed, and in the less optimistic variant up to 60 thousand.Adam Nidzelsky said.

He added that the virus is more contagious, but it does not generate an increase in hospitalization, which is confirmed by data from the United Kingdom and the United States.

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We are considering accelerating compulsory vaccinations for individual professional groups from FebruaryNiedzielski added.