US President Joe Biden has announced that the US will deploy more troops to Eastern Europe if Russia invades Ukraine. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby was asked, meaning the US would send more personnel from the US if some troops were moved to the rest of Europe.

– If there is another invasion and one of our NATO allies requests additional US forces, we will be positive to consider that request. So far, neither of these cases has occurred – explained the Pentagon spokesperson. Kirby noted that the United States has a large military in Europe, and there are also forces from individual emerging countries as part of NATO.

The United States provides a response in the event of the Russian invasion of Ukraine

A Pentagon spokesperson concluded that “there are many possibilities and that moving some forces, should such a request be made, would be the most reasonable option.” Kirby concluded the thread by noting that the final decision is up to the President of the United States and he has no intention of override this step. A Pentagon spokesperson commented on the issue of anti-missile defense in a similar vein. Kirby didn’t want to speculate on that.

Biden spoke for 1.5 hours on Sunday with the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky. He assured him that “the United States will respond decisively in the event of aggression.” The Ukrainian leader was also assured that Biden would stick to the principle of “nothing about you without you.” The US President also supported the convening of the NATO-Ukraine Council.

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