The party began in Lyuron, in the Ile and Flynn provinces of Brittany, France, on Thursday, but after police intervened, the participants hid in abandoned barns on the road from Rennes to Redon the next day, according to Agence France-Presse.

On Friday evening, the crisis workers of the French Ministry of the Interior met on the matter. At that time, the gendarmerie also began arresting participants in a wild party that was organized despite the curfew.

Police wrote a total of 200 people left the area. They are accused of “aggressive behavior towards officers, violating the curfew law, not having masks in public places, as well as participating in an illegal event and using mood-altering agents” – PAP reports, citing the results of France Info.

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According to French media, clashes occurred during the police intervention on New Year’s Eve. Three gendarmes were injured. The police car also caught fire.

“It is not about a routine police intervention, but an operation related to the violation of public order and the risk of an epidemic,” said Camille Chase, a spokeswoman for the French Interior Ministry, in a press release.

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