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Competition for the next edition of the prestigious Dakar Rally began on Saturday. First of all, they had to face an 11-kilometer front. The competition took place in a ring near Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.

Ricky Brabeck turns out to be the ultimate in biker competition. The American was six seconds ahead of Spaniard Joan Barreda Port and thirteen seconds ahead of Australian Daniel Sanders.

Maciej Giemza finished the competition in twelfth place. The best pole lost twenty-six seconds to the winner. Adam Tomiek was twenty-four, Konrad Dibrovsky was forty-five, and Jacik Bartoshik was ninety-five.

In the quadruple competition, Alexandre Giroud of France turned out to be the best. Argentine Manuel Andogar led the way one second slower. Kamil Wiśniewski finished third, four seconds behind the winner.

At SxS, Kris Meeke was the fastest in the front. The Briton was two seconds ahead of Seth Quintero of the US and his countryman Austin Jones. Aron Domżaa is ranked 6th. Mishai Gokzal was twelve, and Marek Gokzal was twenty-two.

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Belarusians were in the first two places in the truck competition. The lead was won by Syarhej Weiszowicz, who was one second ahead of Alexei Wojciech. Czech Martin Masik came in third.

Introduction Results – Motorcycles:

1. Ricky Brabeck (USA) 0: 06.01

2. Juan Barreda Port (Spain) +0.06

3. Daniel Sanders (Australia) +0.13

12. Maciej Gimza (Poland) +0.26

24 Adam Tomiتشiيك (Poland) +0.40

40- Konrad Dibrovsky (Poland) +1.15

95 Jacek Bartoszik (Poland) +

Introduction Results – Quads:

1. Alexandre Giroud (France) 0: 07.35

2. Manuel Andogar (Argentina) +0.01

3. Kamil Wiśniewski (Poland) +0.04

Introduction Results – SxS:

1. Chris Meek (UK) 0: 06.40

2. Seth Quintero (United States) +0.02

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3. Austin Jones (US) +0.03

6. Aron Domżała (Poland) +0.09

12- Mecha Gokzal (Poland) +0.19

22- Marek Gokzal (Poland) +0.34

Introduction Results – Trucks:

1 – Syarhej Weisovic (Belarus) 0: 06.38

2. Aliaksei Vishneuski (Belarus) +0.01

3. Martin Masik (Czech Republic) +0.03