Voting takes place across the United States as Americans make the final choice over who will be their president over the next four years: Donald Trump or Joe Biden.

Nearly 100 million Americans had already cast their ballots before Election Day, and polls found that Joe Biden had a lead of 66 percent among these voters. Of those voting today, 69% support President Trump.

The world will watch as the votes are cast and the results begin to flow, with one eye firmly set on the big swing states like Pennsylvania and Ohio and the ever-critical states Florida.


At what time do the polls close?

For anyone in the UK looking to catch up on elections, we have put together this map to let you know when polls will close across states.


Liam JamesNovember 3, 2020 15:33


Four states surpassed the turnout in 2016 before Election Day

According to Texas and three other states, it exceeded the total voter turnout for 2016 before Election Day American Election Project.

More than 9.7 million ballots have already been cast in the 2020 general election in Lone Star State, which has become this year’s battleground.

Washington, Hawaii and Montana are the other three states that surpassed the turnout in 2016.

Gino SpokiaNovember 3, 2020 15:03


Covid-19 positive patients vote in St. Louis

This was the scene in St. Louis, Missouri’s second-largest city, on the eve of Tuesday’s vote, as patients infected with the Coronavirus were able to vote in an election that was overturned by the same disease they contracted.

Gino Spokia3 November 2020 15:10


What plays into 10 swing states

With the 270 Electoral College (EC) votes required to secure the White House, about 10 swing states represent more than half the total number of European Commission votes needed to win, and will provide Donald Trump or Joe Biden a path to victory after the election. day.

Here’s everything you need to know about what’s at stake in the ten battlefields below, and when the polls close:

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Trump and Biden plans today

Donald Trump started his day with a phone interview with Fox News: It looked hoarse and exhausting, and he said he was sure he won, even though Fox was not supportive and broadcast “more Democrats than Republicans.”

The next one is in Arlington, Virginia, to thank the campaign staff at Headquarters.

Joe Biden began the morning by visiting the grave of his son Beau in Wilmington, Delaware.

He is now heading to Scranton, Pennsylvania – his birthplace, and the place where he lived for the first ten years of his life.

Harriet Alexander3 November 2020 14:30


A video of touring social media allegedly shows a Republican pollster being “unfairly prevented” from entering a polling station.

But the workers at the polling station clearly stated that the man was in the wrong place because he was not assigned to their ward and therefore had no reason to let him in.

Liam JamesNovember 3, 2020 13:59


The calendar for the 2020 elections so far

The US election looks like it will go on forever, right? This year’s election in particular, combined with the relentless and swinging boredom caused by the coronavirus pandemic, appears to have lasted longer than could reasonably be expected.

Do you remember Michael Bloomberg who was trying to buy himself a presidency?

When did it really look like Warren could take the Democratic nomination?

We’ve put together a timeline of the most important events in the 2020 elections so far, along with what will follow the outcome:

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Joe Biden is on a trip to Pennsylvania after he takes a trip to visit his son Poe’s grave in Wilmington, Delaware. He is scheduled to make stops in Philadelphia and his hometown of Scranton.


Biden boarded a plane that carried him in Wilmington, Delaware GT

Liam JamesNovember 3, 2020 13:23


Sleepy Trump on Fox & Friends call, first of many

In a call this morning, Trump repeated his unsupported claim that America is “getting close to the corner” about the Coronavirus and spoke personally about the virus that had infected his son Barron.

The president told presenters that he is planning a “big series of calls” on Election Day.

Liam JamesNovember 3, 2020 13:10


Biden tweets, Trump is on Fox

Joe Biden was active on Twitter today encouraging Americans to come out and vote. He has returned to his time as Vice President Obama and has pledged to work with Republicans and Democrats if elected.

On the one hand, Donald Trump has been silent so far since he released a late-night compilation video showing him dancing at various rallies in the classic Village People “YMCA”.

The president will now appear Fox and Friends Almost one hour after the scheduled date.

Liam JamesNovember 3, 2020 12:56