After the new regulations come into force, people coming from green countries, that is, countries that are epidemiologically safe (Poland is one of them), will be treated in the same way as those coming from countries marked in orange, that is, of medium risk.

What does this mean in practice? Citizens of these countries will not have any problems with entry if they are fully vaccinated or in a state of convalescence. To confirm this, all you need is the EU COVID certificate, which we wrote about with the money.

Importantly, as of July 9, the status of the vaccinated person has completely changed in the Czech Republic. A person who has not yet taken the second dose will not be considered. Our neighbors consider people fully vaccinated if 14 days have passed since taking the second dose (unless the manufacturer indicates that one dose is sufficient).

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When it comes to entering the Czech Republic, the situation is even worse if the traveler is not vaccinated. Then he will have to fill out a registration form at the border and submit an antigen test or polymerase chain reaction test. It is possible to take the test in the Czech Republic, but no later than the fifth day after your arrival.


The Czechs recommend that citizens of countries with very high epidemiological risk (blacks) refrain from travel. Russia, Paraguay and Namibia were added to the countries marked in black as of Thursday. Tunisia will arrive on July 5th. A similar decision was not made for Great Britain, which is still a dark red country.

The Cabinet also adopted a rule that based on electronic forms for crossing the border, the employer is required to check whether an employee has tested negative for coronavirus after leave of absence. Fully vaccinated people do not need to submit the tests.


The government has also decided that during the holiday season, two PCR tests and four antigen tests per month – as is currently the case – will be funded through health insurance.

The Minister of Health, Adam Vojtech, reported the changes to the rules for crossing the Czech border. The new regulations will take effect on July 9.