attendance at elections It was 44 per cent. according to the law Islamic Law Men and women voted separately. Participate in the elections 284 filterswhich should have been previously approved by the Qatari Ministry of Interior. Most of them were men – they just ran for elections 29 women. Despite the many restrictions placed on Muslim women from Qatar, it is still a huge step forward. “I feel like this is a new chapter,” said Munira, author of “I feel like this is a new chapter.” children. She added that she was satisfied with the number of candidates.

The Shura Council shall have the function of Parliament

Qataris eligible to vote chose 30 out of 45 members of the Shura Council. The prince still appoints 15 people. The Shura Council was previously an advisory body, and from now on it will be one of the organs of the legislature. It is also meant to perform a supervisory function over the executive branch, but to the exclusion of, among others, defense and security, economic policy and investments.

As Qatar’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman al-Sani emphasized, the vote is a “new experience” and it is difficult to expect the Shura Council to be “in its first year of existence.” Benny play the role of Parliament.

Reuters confirmed that this “experience” applies only to the original Qatar. He can only exercise his right to vote every ten A Qatari citizen is close to 3 million. The majority of the population are seasonal workers, includingin a. from India and Pakistan.