PO leader Donald Tusk said in October 2021 that the KO club would oppose the special law on building a dam on the border with Belarus. They pretend they’re going to build a great wall, but what they really want to do is build a great bridge – Tusk assessment. At that time, the famous words were uttered:

– This wall will not be built in a year or three, because it is not intended to build good and effective dams. Their goal is to make emotional presentations and spend nearly 2 billion PLN without any control

– said the leader of the r.

Several months passed and behind us … the construction of the physical part of the dam on the Polish-Belarus border was completed.

A wave of criticism fell on Tusk, but it turned out that some people do not pay attention to it. MEP Janina Ochowska said she was also against it, but … “The government does not take into account the will of society.”

How is it actually? In November 2021, a SW Research survey of rp.pl was conducted, in which respondents were asked if they supported the construction of the dam. 57.2 percent of respondents answered “yes” to the question asked. 19.3 percent of respondents answered “no”. 23.5 percent of respondents had no opinion on this matter.

But Ochojska still has …

The wall does not only destroy nature. Restricts people’s right to freedom of movement and promotes chaos at borders

– Writes MEP.

Attacking the Polish government again, Ochowska stated that … “there are holes and trenches already”, because “a man would do a lot to save children’s lives.”

Source: niezalezna.pl