Perhaps the James Bond woman has not waited as long as his fans have been waiting for the next part of Agent 007’s adventures in the movie, especially to see “No Time To Die” in cinemas, after they finally come out of the isolation of the house.

And this is an epidemic, and this is the turmoil in the position of director, and this is the need to respond to the challenges of the new age, in which James Bond is considered a “sexist, misogynistic dinosaur” – which Judi Dench has already pointed out that M. lower moralists are disturbed by the fact That he killed dozens of men at the same time, often “ordinary soldiers” of the enemy team, which, however, had more serious consequences for the victims of this range of activities (and their families, for example). No wonder, then, that Agent 007 decided to go into the retirement he deserved.

The new eras meant that in the long-awaited twenty-fifth part of the series, he inherited the famous “Double O Seven” agent. Either a massacre will emerge from it, or Bond will be stuffed into slippers. Interestingly, director Cary Joji Fukunaga – who threatened Sean Connery as a Bond rapist – decided to do both, so he made a kind of family melodrama with impressive sequences, which, however, gives the impression of confirming the financial impetus of the production. From the expansion pack to trying to convince us that we’re seeing here an example of Shakespeare on memory, the inheritance of sins, and the fact that one cannot get stuck in the past. Being a Bond as well. Now the homeland – the United Kingdom – is no longer the value for which one can lay down one’s life. Bond took off his uniform, broke his suit and became human. But before he turns into a cuddly “teddy bear” in an armchair, in my opinion, the course really needs another update, because in one moment it will only prove that it is progressive and in line with current trends.

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