October 2, 2021, 6:30 p.m.

Players pass through huge queues to the servers of New World ?? AFK?? They resort to a variety of other tricks to prevent being logged out and expelled for inactivity. It didn’t take long for society to respond to these practices…

Released last Tuesday new world Never cease to be amazed. only at its peak Via Steam in MMO from the studio Amazon Games More than 800,000 players have fun at the same time. Unfortunately, according to the majority of gamers’ reviews, it is difficult to extract pleasure from the current state of production. ?? This is due to the long hours queues (up to 8 hours) to game servers, overwhelmed with user logins. But some people are trying to get past this hurdle?? Not out of the game at all.

??impossible. If I spend 6 hours in line, I have every right to go to the toilet for 15 minutes?? ?? One of the players writes in the official forum new world.

Of course, it is not enough to stand idly by. After 20 minutes of inactivity we will be kicked off the server. In order to prevent this, you should do some ?? a job. Thus, in theory, the simplest solution is to block our character on the wall with the automatic gear turned on. Thus, you can interrupt the game without leaving it. However, it is not recommended to leave our virtual suite alone except in safe places, otherwise we may face unpleasant consequences:

Honestly, if the choice between doing this and waiting in line was ranked 3000, what would most of you do?

Long queues are the reason people act this way, and since I’ve been sitting in them for the past two hours, I’m tired of this nonsense?? ?? Comment by another user in the mentioned forum.

As it turns out, NS new world The auto-play feature will not stop the idle timer. Maybe players using the above trick are using macros or ?? They also put the weight on the shift switch.

The whole situation creates a kind of vicious circle. People are afraid of standing in line, so they resort to the same tricks. Thus blocking the login places for players ?? And make the queue longer. No wonder the majority of society disapproves and encourages these behaviours game forum to report it. As one netizen wrote:

It is definitely worth reporting. Amazon has taken a really tough stance when it comes to researching player behavior (particularly chat abuse and abusive names), so […] If you report these guys, they’ll actively look at it and figure out a way to tell if they’re using macros (they most likely do).

Could it be what?? simple like?? Reply to this message to confirm that you?? Stream”.

The developers are aware of the problem and have already announced that they are working on it in the form of options Transfer Characters to another server. It is also worth noting that players waiting in queues may receive a Free prizes Inside the game by watching streams from the game on Twitch. So, despite the problems new world Will he become the new king of the MMO? One thing is for sure, thanks to the success of this production, we can count on more games from Amazon Games in the future.

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