she is very beautiful. It is winter and it is snowing. Finally the magic of white chips in Germany. And so on the second weekend in Advent.

The flakes fell around Berlin, Brandenburg, Thuringia, Saxony-Anhalt, and partly also in Saxony and Lower Saxony as far as Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Meteorologists hope for a white festival!

Dominic Jung, Diplomatic Meteorologist, from to BILD: “Let me put it this way, the chances are higher than normal this year. The starting point is different than usual. We have cold air masses very close to us right now and in the coming days.” And sometimes in Germany too.”

The starting point for a white Christmas this year is better than it has been since December 2010. This was the last white Christmas for all Germans.

Winter weather for the weekend Flake warning in the second advent

Snow is currently falling all the way, and in general there is no sign of any significant relief in the next 5-10 days. But on the contrary. On the third day of Advent it can get much colder in Germany.

Weather expert Young: “The cold, icy air masses from the top of the Erik Mountains in Siberia are very close to us and are creeping around us all the time and could hit Germany since the time of the third advent.”

Snow falls on the Peteblach statue in Krämerbrücke in Jena

There is snow on the statue of Peteblach in Krämerbrücke in Erfurt

Photo: Michael Richell/Dr

It really has to be said that this beginning of December feels like the beginning of winter in December since December 2010.

Weather expert Jung Eun Bild: “Based on initial weather conditions alone, this year is much better for White Christmas than for White Christmas. The chances of racing from 500 meters are 50 to 55 percent. Less than 500 meters is 25 to 30 percent Otherwise, those below are usually only 5 to 15 percent.”

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The cold high Siberian Eric stays close to us, and can reach us at any time with its icy air masses! This has not been the case in recent years. There was almost no hail over Eastern Europe, and so December was mostly mild.

Also, the climatologist Dr. Carsten Brandt from is confident: “There is a connection that gives us hope for a white Christmas: ‘Snow on Barbara (December 4) – snow at Christmas.’ The connection is amazing. The winter phase at the beginning of December increases the chances of a white Christmas. I committed, the chances of a white Christmas haven’t been as great as this year for a long time.”

Cars drive through the snowy aulds of Leipzig

Cars drive through the snowy aulds of Leipzig

Photo: Hendrik Schmidt/Dr

And this year there are a few specials: The turbulent polar vortex ensures few westerly winds until Christmas.

Weather expert Brandt to Bild: “Icy eastern air stays over Europe, possibly until Christmas Eve. After the last snowy Christmas in 2010, the chances of a white Christmas are very high, at least compared to many fair weather events in recent years. With Unfortunately, the Christmas thaw may be right around the corner, but I can imagine snow falling or lying down by Christmas Eve or shortly thereafter.”

Early winter has arrived in Germany and will remain for the time being.