Ahlen and Münster fans met each other by chance in Essen. Because of the controversy, the main station was closed for a long time.

A dispute between rival football fans has disrupted rail traffic in the Ruhr region since Saturday afternoon. At about 5.30 pm, there were supporters of the Western Regional Champions at Essen Main Station Borussia Monster And the Rot Weiss Ahlan They met each other and sometimes fought on the tracks. This caused train cancellations and delayed regional and long-distance traffic. During the operation was the Essen Central Station is closed.

The fans were returning from their away matches. Monster played for the Fortuna Düsseldorf U23 team, Ahlen was a guest at Rot-Weiß Oberhausen on Saturday. According to the police, trains to Düsseldorf and Oberhausen stopped at about the same time in Essen.

Fan dispute at Essen Main Station: Four police officers injured

As reported by the Federal Police, about 180 fans took part in the brawl, according to the police report, cans and bottles were also thrown. When the Federal Police attempted to separate the two camps, four officers were so badly injured that they were no longer able to work.

The Federal Police was supported by the Essen Police, who also requested reinforcements from neighboring towns. The emergency services finally succeeded together to separate the two groups and prevent physical altercations. following red and white foodPolice said, whose club played against FSV Zwickau on Saturday afternoon, was not involved in the altercation.

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Only in the evening was the closure of Essen Central Station lifted and individual trains were able to return to Essen Central Station. Deutsche Bahn initially announced that long-distance trains would be discontinued. There are cancellations and delays. Later in the evening it was said that long-distance trains would be diverted if possible – and would not stop at the main stations in Essen and Bochum. At around 9:30 pm, Deutsche Bahn finally tweeted: “Police operation Essen hpf completed. Other long-distance trains are running again on the planned route.” (m with faces)

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