tanker “Boris Wilkekeg” with liquefied transport Gas clay for the company Centricaowner British Gashad to enter the port in Cereal Island In the southeast of England, after port workers were represented by a trade union harmony They warned that they would refuse to discharge the gas on the shore, and the ship had been diverted to another location and would no longer enter this port.

But at least British Tuesday Minister Transportation Grant Shaps All ports in the country are closed to all ships connected to Russia, and tankers carrying Russian oil and gas continue to enter or go to British ports. According to “The Guardian”, the tanker “Pluto” docked, Thursday, in the port of Foyle in Northern Ireland, and “Sycod”, which transports oil from the Primorsk crossing, responsible for 30 percent of Russian oil exports, anchored off the coast of Liverpool.

Legal loophole?

The newspaper pointed out that the Ministry of Transport ban includes ships flying the Russian flag, owned by Russia, controlled, chartered or operated, but it does not mention the country of origin of the shipment.

According to analysts from Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU), the UK will probably spend on average more than £6 million a day on Russian this year Gas. They estimated that if imports remain at the level of 2021, these expenditures will reach 2.3 billion pounds over the course of the entire year.

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