Dorota Rabczewska wants to make more films

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Dorota Rabczewska wants to make more films

Dorota Rabczewska, after the success of Girls From Dubai, developed a great desire to become a full-time film producer, perhaps even an Academy Award winner in the future. The singer posted an eloquent photo on Instagram and asked fans for suggestions for the next video.

about the movie”Dubai girlsIt was resounding long before its premiere. Even very loudly. Disagreements between the producers, Dorota Rabczewska and Emil S., seemed to overshadow the film’s premiere, which in itself would be a shallow production. It turns out that hype is a big ally, and it was Tell the story of the movie efficiently.

“Girls from Dubai” was not only the biggest Polish film of the last season, but also for the duration of the pandemic, that is, as of March 2020. The film collected almost 1.2 million viewers. In addition, she was very popular in Great Britain. It’s no surprise, then, that Duda feels “a pull of Hollywood.”

On Instagram, Duda recently shared her impressions: “I met amazing people and felt like making my next movie. I already have an idea, I have a vision… and most importantly, I have a very effective drive on my hands.”

The singer also asked her fans which movie they would like to make. Several suggestions were made: Well, maybe ‘Boys from Dubai’ or ‘A movie musical, because we cried like a cat here! Some story with love and drama. About the life of Violetta Villas. Celebrities and animal lovers. Sound like a bell, beautiful music, costumes, a series of golden braids. You will likely find yourself in this role perfectly.”.

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