In an effort to break the deadlock in negotiations, the EU is understood to have demanded a review within 10-15 years of any post-Brexit trade agreements with the UK – which critics say means that a future pro-EU government in the UK could be A quick. Reverse any concluded deals or agreements. The review means that any future government can simply “transfer power” to the European Union, ripping apart all of the progress the current British negotiators have made. The move sparked an angry response from a group of Brexit supporters, who had warned that such a proposal would push the UK away from the negotiating table, and demanded that the “review clause” be rejected altogether.

Get Britain Out warned that even if Brussels is willing to make more concessions in an initial agreement under these terms, “the sole purpose is to induce the government to accept what is actually likely to be an unfair agreement, only to back down or make amendments to the trade agreement at a later time.” When there is a prime minister who is more pro-EU! ”

Get Britain Out director Jane Adde said: “Asking the EU so late in the negotiations is totally absurd. They are desperate, and the lack of respect they have shown to Lord Frost and our government is appalling.

Trade agreements develop naturally and change over time. However, any proposal to attempt full renegotiation in a specified number of years is unlike any other agreement with the European Union.

“Once again, the European Union refuses to listen to what the UK wants – and our red lines defined at the start of these negotiations.

There is no need for a unique deal with far-reaching powers and new mechanisms. The UK should be treated like any other country that negotiates with the European Union.

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“This is nothing more than an open attempt by the European Union to kick the box down the road, hoping that the remaining government will roam Downing Street at some point in the future.

“A government that would be happy to abide by its demands, tear up any existing trade agreement and sign the UK into the continuing slavery of Brussels.

“This should not and should not happen.

“It is time for the European Union to finally understand that we voted to leave the European Union in the 2016 referendum – and these discussions and flirting will not continue with the extension and re-accession to the European Union.

The UK wants us to be friends with the European Union. Yet there is no point in being friends of a country bent on stabbing us in the back. We will not continue to return to this issue in the years to come.

“The focus of the UK should be on our global future, not the ailing and economically stagnant European Union.”

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8.47 AM update: “ The coming days will be crucial ” VDL warns the European Union of preparedness for the outcome of no deal

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has warned that there is no guarantee of a post-Brexit trade agreement with the United Kingdom, warning that the coming days will be crucial if the two parties reach an agreement.

She told the European Parliament: “The coming days will be crucial. The European Union is well prepared for the scenario of not reaching an agreement.”

“With so little time in front of us, we will do everything we can to reach an agreement. We are ready to be creative.”

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8.30am update: “We just have to keep the Irish border open” – Joe Biden warning

Joe Biden stressed again the importance of keeping the Irish borders open after Brexit.

He spoke to Boris Johnson earlier this month during one of his first phone calls to other world leaders as an elected president, and made clear that Brexit does not jeopardize the peace process in Northern Ireland.

We don’t want guarded borders, Biden told reporters in Wilmington, Delaware. We want to make sure – we’ve worked a long time to make Ireland work, I’ve spoken with the British prime minister, I’ve spoken with Taoiseach, I’ve talked to others, I’ve spoken to the French.

“The idea of ​​closing the northern and southern borders again is not correct, we just have to keep the borders open.”

In September, he wrote on Twitter: “We cannot allow the Good Friday Agreement that brought peace to Northern Ireland to become a victim of Brexit.

“Any trade deal between the United States and the United Kingdom should be hinged on respecting the agreement and preventing the return of difficult borders.”

8.03am Update: What is displacement? The European Union’s dreams of seizing financial power faded as the UK secured a massive victory in the city

Fears fueled by the project’s concerns about a mass exit from the City of London after Brexit have proven completely unfounded, with at least 1,500 companies already indicating their intention to continue accessing UK markets in accordance with the special provisions introduced before Two years, a large company financier and prominent Brexit said.

Daniel Hudson, director of London Clearing House, said the number was many times greater than the number of companies applying for licenses to operate in France, underlining the city’s role as a “pan-European asset” that pales in comparison to all other financial firms. Center in the European Union.

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Mr Hodson, who is also former executive vice president of the National Building Society, made his points during a webinar organized by the Bruges Group think tank on Thursday.

Then, he told “In July 2018, the Bank of England and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) jointly announced a Temporary Authorization System (TPR) to allow eligible European Economic Area (EEA, not the European Union) companies to continue to access The UK market has all its advantages, including substantial liquidity.

Update 7.45 am: EU calls for a review of the Brexit deal in 10 years angering UK – “They didn’t get that!”

It is understood that the European Union has demanded a review of any post-Brexit trade agreements with the United Kingdom as negotiations on fishing arrangements continue to falter.

Britain and Brussels are said to be “still miles away in fishing” with the relocation deadline approaching alarmingly on 31 December.

The talks are not expected to resume in person this week after British negotiator David Frost faced yet another hurdle last week due to the coronavirus outbreak at the European Union negotiating team, Michel Barnier.

The UK has now offered a “review clause” on any fishing agreement after three to five years in an effort to placate the European Union.

But the bloc is said to want this to happen in 10 to 15 years instead.

“They still don’t understand,” a source said.

“They are still essentially claiming the 80 per cent of the access they now have to UK waters and they are sticking to that demand.”