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Much ado about a quiet place! Mayor of Kreuzberg, Clara Hermann, proudly announced on Twitter that three toilet containers have been constructed in Koti – after five years of planning! The green politician gets a lot of ridicule for this.

The district office takes care not only of new barriers for cars, but also of large and small enterprises – Clara Hermann (37, Greens) seems to want to convey this impression. The mayor celebrated the installation of a public restroom on Twitter: “Bam, there’s the thing: This is local policy, too,” she says in her message. “Over 5 years ago there was a demand for the toilet in Kotti – now it is there for free with Missoir and Pissoir.”

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Why it took five years to create a toilet enclosure, and what the whole thing cost – not a word about it in the tweet. There was no response to a request from BZ by noon.

But in any case, Hermann garnered much derision and rancor for her unusual ad.

This was a good idea,” said CDU leader Timur Hussain (42) of the CDU, and criticized: “A container was simply put in there, with no concept. “It will quickly become a fixing room,” Hussain predicts. In a month at most you can close the thing again! “

Criticisms also come from FDP. “The situation in Kotte is muddled. It doesn’t help just to put a toilet there,” says Marilyn Hysel, 33, co-chair of the district council. “The planned police station has been criticized by the left and greens, but the toilet is being celebrated. It’s a strange relationship.”

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The container is located on the island next to a subway overpass Photo: Ralph Luther

Heysel, an FDP politician, considers the containers set up by the district office to be difficult to clean. “And the trash isn’t removed from the picture. But hey—it’s eco-friendly and made of wood: the log cabin is a good symbol of Kreuzberg’s green policy. Goodwill is enough, practicality is too profane.”

“No one who needs five years for three toilets should win,” said Frank Vollmert, parliamentary group leader of the Kreuzberg SPD (51) in the BZ. “But explain exactly why it took so long.”