US President Joe Biden spoke with French President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday 25 January. According to what was reported by the White House press service, he expressed during a phone call his desire to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries. He also emphasized his work on strengthening transatlantic relations through NATO and the relationship with the European Union.

The leaders also agreed to work closely with a number of international organizations and jointly address the world’s challenges today such as climate change, the Coronavirus, and the global economic recovery after the epidemic recession. They also agreed to support each other in their relations with China, the Middle East, Russia and the Sahel countries.

Who has Joe Biden talked with so far?

Marcon was the first representative of the European Union, but he was not the first leader Joe Biden had spoken to since his inauguration. He has already contacted Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Great Britain Boris Johnson, and Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

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