The Caesar Prize is one of the main prizes in the field of cinematography, which is awarded every year to prominent filmmakers. It is often referred to as the European equivalent of an Oscar, which undoubtedly confirms its great importance on the international stage. It is believed that the founder of Caesars is Georges Craven, a French film producer and founder of the Academy of Film Arts and Technology. The statue, whose appearance remains unchanged to this day, was designed by Craven’s friend, the famous sculptor Cesar Baldacini. The first award ceremony took place on April 3, 1976. Check where and on what basis the figurines are awarded and in which categories can artists from the world of cinema be nominated.

Caesar Film Award – When Is It Given?

Awards are given every year on a different date. The date has not been decided unambiguously by the board of directors or members of the Academy of Film Arts and Technology, but since the inception of Caesar’s existence, the awards have been held at the beginning of the year in the first quarter.

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Where is Cesar given?

Caesar Prizes are awarded in the heart of France, that is, in Paris. The award ceremony takes place at the Théatre du Châtelet. Admission is granted only to invited guests, that is, people nominated for awards, but also to outstanding representatives of French and foreign cinema.

Cesari – types of nominations

Nominations for the Caesar Prize are awarded in more than 30 different categories. Some of them have existed since the establishment of the Academy, and others have been added due to the changing reality of cinema. Cesar is awarded to the best actors and directors, as well as to the best films. One does not forget those without whom the movie would not be possible, but they are rarely talked about because they are hidden on the other side of the camera – screenwriters, editors, composers, etc. The award can be won by experienced people as well as novices – there are also categories like “Best Promising Actor” or “Best Debut Film”.

Caesar Prize – voting and awarding of statuettes

Cesars are awarded for French and foreign films, but also for their director, actors, designers, editors, etc. Nominations are only considered for new films each yearThat is, those that were built in the previous year. From the start, the award has been awarded by secret ballot by the members of the French Academy of Film Arts and Technology, almost 5,000 people, including prominent representatives of the cinema profession and influential activists for the development of French cinematography.

The secret vote takes place in two separate steps. With the first card, voting cards are sent to the homes of the Academy of Film Arts and Technology members, who fill in them and send them by mail or the Internet. As a result of the first stage of voting, there are 5 or 7 nominations (depending on the category) in all categories.

The second stage of voting is of course choosing the winners. Interestingly, the vote count and final results are not known until the afternoon of the same day the Tsars are presented. The responsible person, the Secretary of the Academy of Film Arts and Technology, presents the names of the winners in a sealed envelope and hands them over during the ceremony in Paris.

Cesare – Roman Polanski Film Awards

Cesars were also given to Polish artists, although they often fell into the hands of the French. The only Polish artist who can flaunt his candidacy multiple times and ultimately win the award is Roman Polanski. In total, he was awarded up to 4 figurines, the first of which was in 1980 for directing the feature film “Tess”, which tells the story of a girl from a poor family trying to find her place in the world. The director received the second prize from the French Academy of Cinematic Arts and Technology in 2003 for the world-famous and respected “pianist”. A few years later, in 2011, the Academy again awarded Roman Polanski Cesar for the brilliant screen adaptation of Robert Harris’ novel. Ghost Writer is a movie about the story of a British writer who makes a living anonymously writing novels about celebrities and who gets involved in a mysterious relationship between the former British prime minister and the CIA. The last time Roman Polanski won a Caesar Prize was in 2014 for “Venus in Fur,” which shows theater actions from the other side – directors and actors – and how quickly the boundaries of reality and imagination can fade.

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