The people of Pakistan and India have been facing sweltering temperatures for several days. The record-breaking heat wave came exceptionally early this year. The temperature in Rajasthan, on Sunday afternoon, reached 50 degrees Celsius.

Director of the Indian Meteorological Department Mrutyunjay Mohapater said the average maximum temperature in northwest and central India in April was 35.9 and 37.78 degrees Celsius, respectively. These are the highest values ​​recorded since the beginning of the observation, that is, for a period of 122 years.

Scientists have linked the early onset of this year’s heat wave in India to climate change.

“We get thirsty when we drink regularly”

Indians try to help themselves as much as possible, but they find it difficult to find a place in the country where they can breathe. Some of them left the heat-swept capital for the city of Dehradun in the northern state of Uttarakhand, but there they also complained of the unpleasant heat. “The weather here is a little better than in New Delhi, but it’s still very hot,” said one resident. Others cool themselves, for example, with coconut water and lassi, a refreshing Indian drink based on milk and water.

We feel thirsty even on a regular basis we drink Water and lemon juice. If April was too hot, what would it be in May? The people of India ask.

Almost 50 degrees

The temperature in Rajasthan, near the border with Pakistan, on Sunday noon in India, at noon local time, approached 50 degrees Celsius. The map below shows the expected maximum temperature on Sunday afternoon.

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According to meteorologists, this hot weather will continue for another three days. After that, seasonal precipitation is expected, which should be associated with a decrease in temperature.

The most recent temperature data from IMD is from Friday. At that time, 44 degrees Celsius or more was measured in many places in India. There was even 47 degrees Celsius.

Expected temperature in India on May

Schools are closed

In some areas, schools have been closed or, as in West Bengal, summer holidays have started a week earlier. In Gujarat, I recommend that hospitals set up special units to deal with heat stroke cases.

According to the NASA Earth Observatory, the temperature in northwest, central and eastern India is 4.5 to 8.5 degrees Celsius higher than normal for this period during the current heat wave.

March was also the hottest month in the history of the measurements. The temperature in Pakistan has been the warmest since 1961, and in India since 1901, when observations began.

Main image source: Reuters