The cold wave that struck the Iberian Peninsula has surpassed all imaginations of the Spaniards. Their country has the lowest air temperature in the history of measurements. Thermometers at some weather stations showed a drop as low as -35.8 ° C. Additionally, Spain was also hit by the worst snowstorm in 50 years. All extremists Weather phenomena It is the act of so-called monsters from the East, that is, the Siberian boom that poured huge quantities of cold air over Europe.

As reported by Synoptics, historical temperature measurements can also be predicted by residents of Baltic countries, including Poland.

Long-term weather forecast. The “monster” will come to Poland twice

According to meteorological models, the first blow of the Siberian frost will come to Poland this weekend, that is, January 16-17. Weather forecasters predict that local records of the lowest temperatures could be exceeded by as much as 16 ° C. The lowest temperatures occur in the Carpathian Mountains, where the average daily temperature may drop even to the minus 30 mark.

Madrid is littered with snow. “The Spaniards have not experienced such a winter in 50 years.”

However, this is not the end, because the Siberian Highlands prepared a frosty addition to the inhabitants of Central Europe. The second part of the tepid air mass is expected to reach the Baltic Sea around January 25. However, weather professionals do not want to predict now what temperatures we can expect at that time. The current models do not provide a clear answer to this question.

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Long-term weather forecast. Europe is shivering with cold

Extremely low temperatures also hit other parts of the ancient continent. The UK has the lowest temperatures since the winter of 2010. Although temperatures in Central Europe of -12 ° C are not frightening, for the British they are extremely rare values.

Winter also showed its frosty face in the alpine countries. In Italy’s Di Campolozzo Valley, the temperature dropped to nearly -40 degrees below zero. On the border between France and Switzerland at Le Bréviene, mercury bars peaked at -28. Temperatures below 20 ° C were recorded in the Czech Republic (-25.9 ° C), Austria (-24), and German Obersdorf (-22.3).