The unusual sighting occurred on approximately Wednesday, April 27th. 8 am. This was confirmed by more than 30 residents of Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi. The US space agency officially reported the results.

NASA wrote that a bright meteor was first spotted 87 kilometers above the Mississippi River near the town of Alcorn.

The sky was exploding from a roar. And the media circulated recordings of this unusual phenomenon

Recordings of a rare item circulating on social media. It shows a bright line moving across the sky. Witnesses add that the visual effects were accompanied by a powerful explosion.

Our weather camera captured the last few seconds of a fireball that exploded over Claiborne, Mississippi, yesterday morning, the local weather station said.

An unusual note in the United States. The car burned in the air

The observed object is referred to by scientists as a car. It is the larger, brighter cousin of the typical meteorites, and is often referred to as a “meteorite.”

The celestial body observed over the Mississippi was moving toward the southwest at a speed of 88.5 thousand. how many hours. The car did not hit the ground but rather burned up in the atmosphere.

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