May 1, 2022, 09:54

The Microsoft Store page indicates that Battlefield 2042 will soon be joining the games available on Game Pass.

a few days ago We’ve written that it will soon be included in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription service FIFA 22. Now there are many indications that he will join them too Battlefield 2042 In the Xbox Series X and S version.

The site was the first to write about it Its editors note that on the card BF2042 in service Microsoft Store Game Pass logo appearedWhich means the game should be added to this subscription offer soon.

Battlefield 2042 will move to Game Pass, Microsoft Store suggests - Illustration #1

Source: Microsoft Store.

That must be added This is not the case yet. We may be dealing with an error. For example, this logo previously appeared on the card Resident Evil Village And after some time it was removed, and the game did not reach Game Pass. However, in most cases, the appearance of this drawing in the store portends the imminent announcement of the addition of production to the subscription.

joining Battlefield 2042 Game Pass can greatly benefit the game. It turns out to be fail Most players lost lightning fast. Great patch 4.0 was released recently Correct the situation a littlebut the results of activity on Steam are still very poor – yesterday, in the hottest time of the day, only 3,545 people were playing the title at the same time.

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The same was the case marvel avengers. for this game Join Game Pass It was a hit – production quickly advanced into the top ten of the service’s most popular items. creators Battlefield 2042 To hope to repeat this achievement.

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