Effective January 1, 2022 The minimum wage in Turkey is 4250 liras, Which is equivalent to 1,145 Polish zlotys.

According to European Statistics Office data, the value of the new minimum wage, converted into euros, introduced on Thursday, is the lowestAs registered in Turkey since the end of the first half of 2005.

“We will raise the minimum wage by 50%, which is the highest increase in the past 50 years,” Erdogan said in Ankara on Thursday. – By increasing the level of wages, we show that we will not let Turkish workers feel the increase in prices.

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Lowest salary in Turkey

According to the data of the Turkish Social Insurance Institution, more than 40 percent. Of all employees in the state work at the lowest monthly rate.


Turkey’s central bank cut interest rates again on Thursday despite higher consumer prices. Turkish currency value dropped to a record low15.34 pounds were paid to the dollar. Turkey’s annual inflation rate is 21.3%. – Turkish Daily Sabah reported.

An “unconventional” fight against inflation

The Central Bank of Turkey’s policy contradicts traditional methods of fighting inflation by raising interest rates, but it is in line with President Erdogan’s view that he wants to increase the money supply. Increasing domestic exports and the level of investments.

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