2021-07-08 15:03

2021-07-08 15:03

In Great Britain, there is no quarantine for vaccinators after they return from the so-called yellow list
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From 19 July, all fully vaccinated adults in the UK and all children will not be required to enter a 10-day quarantine upon return to England from ‘UK’ countries. British Transport Secretary Grant Shapps announced the yellow list on Thursday.

Most countries in the world are on the yellow list, including Poland and almost all other European countries. However, the exemption from the quarantine obligation applies only to residents of Great Britain, not residents of the yellow-listed countries who do not wish to visit.

In addition, people who have been fully vaccinated will still have to take paid coronavirus tests before traveling to England and on the second day after returning. Currently, after returning from the yellow list countries, it is necessary to undergo a 10-day home quarantine and take three tests – one before departure and two on return.

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Shapps also said that from July 19 the recommendation not to travel to yellow-list countries unless necessary will be lifted from July 19.

I can confirm today that from 19 July UK residents who have been fully vaccinated under the UK immunization program will no longer need to self-isolate upon their return to England. They tested negative and tested positive for PCR on or before the second day. The second day (upon return), but the test will not be needed on the eighth day. And the yellow list is the same,” Shapps said in the House of Commons.

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The Minister of Transport, explained that the case of a fully vaccinated person is obtained 14 days after receiving the second dose of the vaccine, and warned that the countries of the yellow list could infect the red region if the epidemic worsens in them, and there is no change in the question. There is no quarantine for the latter.

There are currently less than 30 countries and territories on the Green Travel List. After returning from them, it is not required to undergo quarantine, regardless of vaccination, but rather requires two examinations. On the other hand, there are more than 50 countries on the red list, and in this case it is forbidden to travel to it except for justified reasons, and after returning it is required in addition to the tests to undergo a 10-day paid period. Quarantine in one of the hotels specified by the authorities.

The changes announced by the Shapps only apply to arrivals in England, as regulations regarding quarantine rules on arrival in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are the responsibility of local governments. However, they have recently coordinated their decisions with the British government and similar rules can be expected to apply also to arrivals in these parts of the country.

From London Bartłomiej Niedziński (PAP)

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