What experts fear is happening. The number of infections in the United States is rising dramatically. Daily detection potential already reaches 200 thousand. Cases which is almost double what it was in the last month. Florida hospitals are starting to lack nurses to care for the exponentially increasing number of patients. Hospitals in Texas are setting up field hospitals to house their hospitals.

On Tuesday, the number of new infections in the United States rose to more than 184,000. While the average for the past seven days was 108,000. The number of deaths is also increasing, especially in unvaccinated people with delta disease. The virus is already killing about 500 people a day, while the number was hovering around 270 two weeks ago. In New York state, 17 deaths were reported on Tuesday, up six from Sunday, and the number of new infections has already reached more than 3,200.

However, the South is facing the worst increases in the infection rate. Florida, Texas, Louisiana and Oregon are short of nurses to care for new patients. “The situation is getting very difficult,” admits Joe Kanter, managing director of the Louisiana Department of Health. In Texas, where only 44.5 percent have been vaccinated. Population, hospital occupancy is already over 87 percent. State officials have called for hiring staff from other states and urged hospitals to postpone planned surgeries. They also decided to build field hospitals. The first is being built in Houston. Austin authorities sent a coronavirus alert to residents over the weekend, asking for safety precautions.

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