It is located near the basin of the Tamaha River The Purchased from The Conservation Fund by The Ingka Group, which operates most stores under the brand name IKEA.

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IKEA purchased 4,000 hectares of forest. Protected animals live there

“ We really believe responsible forest management is possible and we can see that a large part of our responsibility to the land is to restore forests and plant more of what we use, ” he said. CNN Ingka Investments Managing Director Krister Mattsson.

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Nature protection is important in all of our investments. He added that in this particular case, it is important that the land cannot be divided into small units and that it remains a forest forever. The acquired area is home to more than 350 species of wild plants and animals, including long-leaved pines and gophers. Both types are under protection

The Ingka Group owns approximately 400 Ikea stores worldwide

Ingka Group currently operates 378 of the 445 Ikea stores worldwide. Its most recent investment is part of a plan that has been going on for several years. Since 2014, Ingka Investments has purchased approximately 248,000. Hectares of green space in United States of AmericaEstonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Romania. The company has also planted nearly seven million seedlings in various parts of the world.

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Our forest management vision takes into account all forestry and planning functions for several dozen years to come. This is a commitment to balance the economic, environmental and social aspects of the forest, Mattson explains.