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Julia Nemojiuska scored an average of 5.8 assists in every match in the Energa Basket Women’s League. This is the eighth score for all female basketball players.

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In Gdynia, she could learn from Barbora Palentova. At his first training camp for the Polish national team in Riga, Latvia, he watched Veronica Gagda’s match. Julia Nemujiowska aims to achieve high goals and in the future she would like to become a Polish “one”. For now, he will have a chance to make his senior debut. The Polish national team will play Belarus on Thursday (1pm) and Saturday (12pm) as part of EuroBasket 2022 Qualifiers – I have aspirations to go as high as possible. I will do everything to be appointed regularly – the basketball player tells us GTK Gdynia.

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Julia Nemujiowska She went to her first training camp for an adult basketball team. The midfielder has been appreciated for playing GTK Gdynia so far. Let’s add that Her average score of 5.7 assists per match currently places her in eighth place in the Energa Basket Women’s Ranking.. He wants to take advantage of his opportunity and announce that this is only the beginning.

– I came to gather experience. I have aspirations to go as high as possible and I hope my future will. I would like to play at the highest European level. Now I have the opportunity to appear in the first frame and I will do my best to be regularly appointed to the following groups Julia tells us.

There are many arguments for the 22-year-old becoming the number one national team in the future, and now she is Andronika Jagda. He is also considering appearing in the band Arki Gdynia, where he is currently playing the lead role Barbora Ballentova.

– Andronica reigns in training camp. The whole time I look at her game, what solutions she is looking for and try to figure out as much as possible. Barbora is also an exceptional phenomenon. I now play GTK as we are the same age and no foreign basketball players are responsible for the weight of the game. I think development at this point is important. Once, I’d definitely like to play such a role in Arka’s first team as in GTK, but I’m putting it step by step. These few days with first acting are an opportunity for me to gain experience – he explains.

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Despite her young age, Julia had the opportunity to work with several coaches. He is currently on the team Jelena SkirovicWho is also the coach of Montenegro. I listened to advice Gundersa VitryAnd now it has a relationship, too Marosem Kovacikiem. With this knowledge workshop, you can achieve high goals.

I try to get as much as possible from each training. The coach talks a lot, gives good advice, gives advice, looks for different solutions and immediately explains why we are doing this and not otherwise. Explains how to deal with different behaviors and situations. Each coach has their own style, so this is another learning opportunity for me – He explains.

The formation of the Polish national team:
Playmakers: Weronika Gajda (CCC Polkowice), Zuzanna Sklepowicz (Polish Pszczóka-Cukier AZS-UMCS Lublin), Julia Niemojewska (GTK Gdynia)

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Throw: Marisa Castanic (VBW Arka Gdynia)Agnieszka Skobel (Kangoeroes Basket Mechelen / Belgium), Camila Podgorna (VBW Arka Gdynia)

Wings: Julia Adamovi (Enea AZS Pozna), Agata Dobrowolska (1KS Ślęza Wrocław), Amalia Rembiszewska (VBW Arka Gdynia), Liliana Banaszak (Enea AZS Poznań), Agnieszka Kaczmarczyk (Polish Investment District Enea Gorzów Wlkp.)

the middle: Camila Burkowska (VBW Arka Gdynia)Weronika Telenga (CCC Polkowice)

It should be noted that in the past the playmaker mainly played for the national youth teams in Poland. After first training with older friends, he admitted that the differences between adult and junior basketball are very clear. With this knowledge, he sets a thick line in his career and intends to use it in the future.

The differences are mainly in tactics. So far, you can establish the game, among other things, in a 1-on-1 battle. There are now many attack and defense solutions, so you have to know a lot of zeros. It concludes that it takes time to understand all of the assumptions, but I am happy to be here.

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Polish basketball players will face Belarus during the representative window in Riga, Latvia. The first meeting is scheduled for Wednesday at 13 pm. However, the second match will be held on Saturday at 12 o’clock.

However, it would be difficult to get an upgrade, since white and red are last in the group. It will be won by group winners and the five best runners-up teams for the final tournament. To determine the top five teams from second place, the results obtained together with the teams from the last places will not be taken into account.