Residents want it to be a unique place, and the creative circles see it as a space for art, social gatherings and business. After the clinics moved along the Mujahideen. Copernicus is an area the city could redesign. – Let’s imagine it as a living laboratory of the city, gradually filling it with life without deciding on its final shape – “Could Wesoła be a work of art? In search of the DNA of the region”, the discussion participants emphasized.

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After buying land in the Mujahideen. Copernic, formerly of the University Hospital of Krakow, faced the challenge of designing the spatial and functional future of this part of the city. In the opinion of many, culture should be an area in search of a new neighborhood identity. At the same time, this space – resulting from consultations with residents – must be open to various forms of activity. This was confirmed during the meeting by Iowa Craiglon, city researcher, coordinator of the social counseling team:

What is the common part of workshops, surveys, and modules [w ramach prowadzonych konsultacji społecznych – przyp. red.]In, there was a desire for Wesoła to be a unique place – different from other places in Krakow, a place of regeneration and recreation, a place of environment, but also a place to meet residents of different age groups, residents who represent different environments, including culture and business.

During the discussion “Can Wesoła be a work of art. In search of the DNA of the region” organized at the Słowacki Theater, the actors discussed the role of culture and creative circles as well as entrepreneurs and businesses in the design process in this area Creative circles linked to the Futura culture program, organizers and participants in Consulting, as well as organizers of cultural events and projects.

We want to adapt the facilities to create an artistic mass. It is a place for artists and residents to meet, artistic expression, daily art contact, and meetings between artists and residents – says Jacek Peszko of the TOR Art Promotion Foundation. We notice the disappearance of the meeting places of the residents’ worship and conversation on the cultural map of the city. Krakow needs an inconspicuous space where artists can meet, create and present art to its recipients – he added.

Kolektyw Wesoła, who represented him at the meeting Piotr Grobler, also sees a place of culture along Kopernika Street. On the one hand, he stressed, the region should be an exemplary place in terms of adaptation to climate change, and on the other hand, it must respond to the needs of its residents, such as participating in culture and arts, and protecting the interests of the specialized fields related to it.

– The primary jobs that we will see are an arts and crafts shelter, i.e. creative studios and help with local craftsmen. We also thought of setting up a movie studio and multicultural center in Wissowa, which now has no place in the space city – Piotr Grobler said. He added that the center not only caters to foreigners living in Krakow, but also us to learn about their culture.

At the same time, discussions indicated that the quadrant the city has an opportunity to recreate should not be pre-determined and designed in detail.

– To imagine it as a living laboratory of the city, gradually filling it with life, without deciding on its final form – suggested by Thomas Janowski of the Institute for Civil Societies. – We have the time. This should be a process. He emphasized that what’s extremely important in the design process, we can allow ourselves to make mistakes, and we have time to correct them.

The same topic was raised by the professor. Andrei Bednarjek.

– We have to create a frame that cannot be closed to any treasures. On the other hand, we have to give parts to some operators who are not allowed to close their operations. Moreover, the individual operators of the fun parts should be obligated to cooperate so that they cannot do anything on their own. Wesoła should still be regurgitation, but operable – he said. – It should be an artistic place born before the eyes. The spatial structure of this region imposes an interweaving of functions and reveals how art is born today.

During the meeting, the participants emphasized the cooperation between culture and business.

This space should be completely neutralized, but blurred things should be allowed. Let’s let the work in, let it evolve. Let the new post-pandemic reality run there

– ukasz Kumecki appealed from the Tytano Foundation. Krzysztof Zhuchovsky also agreed with him, stressing that culture is the basis of work:

We have to create a venue that meets the expectations of both business and art, said the director of the Słowacki Theater.

The second stage of social counseling will be in front of the city’s residents, and the end result will be a report detailing the expectations of the residents of Krakow and its important districts regarding the future of Wesowa.

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