The French media write about the unusual situation that has occurred in the country’s capital. Two ten-ton fountains that had been placed in the Port de la Chapelle toll booth in Paris are missing. According to the Palestinian People’s Party, the fountains were dismantled due to the construction of the tramway. When they were finished, they did not return to their place.

This disturbed the local community. Residents of this part of the city demanded that the fountains be returned to the site. These things have their own history. It was founded in 1935 and was, among other things, adorned with mascaroons. As the Parisians remember, once they were placed on the opposite lawns, they created a suburban atmosphere.

Unfortunately, the fountains were dismantled during the construction of the tramway.

The memory of them returned recently, due to investments in preparations for the Olympic Games scheduled for 2024. Journalists began to question their fate.

“The deputy mayor of Paris, Socialist Emmanuel Gregoire, admitted in an interview with Le Monde newspaper that the interviews with residents clearly showed that there was great interest in the matter. He also promised to“ investigate the case and consider how the Parisian will demand ”in order to recover. In the message.

Meanwhile, it turned out that it was not known where the bells and whistles were striking. Parisian journalists only discovered that “the City Road Authority has already begun to search for the disappeared fountains”. Meanwhile, Eric Legwinder, mayor of the 18th arrondissement of Paris, explained that he “had not seen the squatting fountains in the newly built Olympic complex” because they “were too huge” and did not fit the concept.

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Residents of the officials’ translations network on the Internet found them “incomprehensible” and even “arrogant”.