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Are regulations introduced by the British government, forcing travelers returning from so-called Red List countries to mandatory hotel quarantine, constitute “unlawful deprivation of liberty”? Some lawyers claim this and do not rule out going to court.

A British law firm representing travelers has described the Boris Johnson government’s policy on hotel quarantines as “unlawful detention”. Lawyers argue that even “prisoners deserve greater freedom than those who are forced to do so.” [odbycia] Hotel.” As reported by the BBC, a team of lawyers will now demand compensation for anyone fully vaccinated in the UK, who has had to return from the country from what is called a mandatory hotel quarantine for £1,750 – £2,285.

Is hotel quarantine a violation of human rights?

Our lawyers believe that the obligation to undergo hotel quarantine is a violation of human rights. Compulsory hotel quarantine is a fundamental violation of human rights. This has resulted in the wrongful imprisonment of fully vaccinated and passive people [na koronawirusa]. We want this brutal policy to be rejected and the affected parties to receive appropriate compensation, said Tom Goodhead, Managing Partner at PGMBM. He added that most affected by the government’s policy are not those who leave for the countries of the so-called red list for your pleasure, but for professional reasons. “They are leaving frequently due to emergencies and will only travel if they feel it is absolutely necessary,” Goodhead said.

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