Message about celebrating mass at Holy Thursday In the house of Cardinal Piccio who is being punished, he was unofficially handed over. So far, this has not been confirmed in Vatican.

Pope Francis did not celebrate Mass on Holy Thursday at Saint Peter’s Basilica. run out

It started Three Pascalna. Pope Francis For the first time since the beginning of his pontificate, the Mass was not celebrated in Holy Thursday In St. Peter’s Basilica.

The inaugural Easter service was performed by the Dean of the College of Cardinals, Cardinal Giovanni Battista Rey. The Vatican did not publish a statement in this regard nor did it explain the reason for the change.

Pope Francis punish Cardinal Becciu In September 2020. This event caused a sensation. The reason for this decision was financial irregularities committed by the clergy. It wasn’t just about managing the Vatican money that would be donated to a cooperative owned by his family, but also about the Vatican’s purchase of an expensive apartment house in London.

Recall that these matters have not been clarified. There was also no investigation against the cardinal. Pisio assured that he had not committed any crimes. He stated that he was the victim of false accusations.

Moreover, Cardinal Pisio requested from the Italian weekly “L’Espresso” the amount of 10 million euros for charity. The press accused him of wrongdoing. The cleric added that he was defamed by the weekly. This resulted in him being unable to participate in the secret meeting. Thus, he was denied the opportunity to be elected Pope.

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