Apator Toruń configuration for the 2021 season

Elderly: Chris Holder (Australia), Jack Holder (Australia), Bowie Przybinski, Tobias Musilak, Adrian Medzinsky, Victor Kolako (Russia) – guest

U24: Robert Lambert (Great Britain) and Yevgeny Sagdolin (Russia)

Youngsters: Karol Chubinsky, Kamil Marcinik, Krzysztof Lewandowski.

EWinner Apator Toruń activists were very active during the November transfer window. After being promoted to PGE Ekstraliga, the team needed reinforcements. The big success of the activists was to attract current European champion Robert Lambert, which was also in the interest of many other clubs. The Briton was such a delicious morsel that, as of the new season, every team must include a player up to the age of 24 among the seniors, Lambert of which meets this standard. In Toruń, he replaced the Russian Wiktor Kułakow, who, due to the change in regulations, could not find work at the highest level in the tournament. Bowie Brzezdbinski’s return to Torun, who had spent the last two seasons in the team from Czestochova, also echoed. A year ago, another Apator pupil, Adrian Miedziński, made a similar move. The team included three elderly Poles because the activists did not quit from Miedzi orski or from Tobias Musielak, which had been acquired a year earlier. One of the three senior Poles mentioned above would likely operate as backup. The lineup will be supplemented by the Australian Toruń-linked holders. The youngest of them was Jack MVP in the first league last season. His older brother Chris also ultimately stayed with the team. The activists made a decision on him, quitting the services of his most prized countryman, Jason Doyle, who had spent the past year on loan at Chistuchua but had a landmark contract to start at Toro in the 2021 season. In the end, Doyle landed at Leszno. Such a move from Toruń was criticized by a large group of experts, but it must be remembered that financial issues played an important role here. On the other hand, the positive reviews were due to the recruitment of a young man from Gdansk, Karol Chubinsky. Activists hope that a valued rookie attraction, potential current European champion and still a relatively young student, will allow them to stay in the PGE Ekstraliga.

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The history of Apator Toruń

It will be 45 years since Toruń debuted at the highest level in the National League matches (1976). A highway competition was held in Toruń in the 1930s. Immediately after World War II, in 1946, the Toruń Motorcycle Club was created. Thirteen years later, the residents of Toruń joined the third league. From 1962 they started as the KS Apator. They entered the first division after expanding to ten teams after the 1975 season. At this level, they have raced continuously for 44 years. During this time, they won the Polish championship four times. This was achieved for the first time in 1986, and again four years later.

In the 21st century, Toru club fans have experienced real mood swings. In 2001, they enjoyed their third title, and five years later the club was on the verge of bankruptcy. Millionaire Roman Karkusik saved him from falling. Two years later, the residents of Toru enjoyed the Polish championship. Won the fourth title to bid farewell to the old stadium in the Mujahideen. Broniewski. From the next season, the house of Toru residents is located on ul. Per Jonsson (Swedish motorcycle racer, world champion, who in 1994 had an accident representing the colors of Toru, and as a result used a wheelchair), the modern MotoArena. The patron of the facility is Marianne Rose, the legendary Toru player, who tragically passed away during a league match in Rzeszów in 1970. Since 2009, the residents of Toruń have repeatedly played an important role in the Polish championship. They won five medals, and the Moto Arena twice hosted the Ekstraliga Final, but Toru never once won a gold.

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Another change of ownership occurred after the 2014 season. Karkosik replaced Przemysław Termiński. Since then, Toruń has played in the PGE Ekstraliga Final once. In 2016, they won silver medals, but later failed to qualify for the playoff roles. The 2019 season turned into a nightmare in Toru, when fans of this club had to swallow the bitterness of relegation from the Premier League for the first time. Toruń’s team will now play the newcomer and most experts do not consider him a medal candidate.

Apator Toruń’s successes

Polish national team championship (4) -1986,1990,2001,2008[4)-1986،1990،2001،2008

Team runners-up in Poland (7) -1995,1996,2003,2007,2009,2013,2016[7)-1995،1996،2003،2007،2009،2013،2016

Bronze medals in the Polish national team championship (7) -1983,1991,1992,1993,1994,2010,2012[7)-1983،1991،1992،1993،1994،2010،2012

Champion of the Polish junior team (6) – 1985, 1990, 1992, 2004, 2005, 2009

Champion of Polish Pairs Club (4) -1986,2004,2008,2010[4)-1986،2004،2008،2010

Apator Toruń’s biggest star

Over the course of his first-division competing years, Wojciech Shapovi, the Polish singles champion since 1987, scored the most points in Toru’s colors, and reached the gold medal twice with the team (1983, 1990). Wiesław Jaguś, who also enjoyed two team wins, in 2001 and 2008, left most matches for Toro. Team Toru’s colors have been defended by many world champions over the years, including the aforementioned legendary Tony Rickardsson, Jason Crump or Per Jonsson. In the years 2013-14, a player for the local team was one of the three Polish champions, Thomas Golub, and interestingly enough, he was a student of an opponent from behind, i.e. Bologna Bydgoszcz. Currently, the Toru residents also have a world champion in their formation. Chris Holder reached this title in 2012. He earned club points from Toruń for thirteen seasons.

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The Apator Toruń store

Currently, the Apator Toruń club store is located in Motoarena on Pera Jonssona Street in Toruń. Tools are also available at speedway.torun.pl/sklep/. Torun club fans (krzyzacy.net/sklepik)