Julia Davis, journalist for The Daily Beast, watches regularly Advertising Media loyal to the Kremlin often publish excerpts on Twitter from the programs of the Rossija 1 TV station.

This time the reporter collected several statements by Russian “journalists” about Emmanuel Macron. The context is the last call by the French president not to be humiliated Russia.

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Emmanuel Macron “humiliated” in the Russian media

“While Macron is concerned about not ‘humiliating’ Putin, the state media controlled by the Kremlin continues to humiliate him,” Davis wrote. An example would be the comments about Putin’s conversation with Macron at a very long table, which, according to the publicist, was a sign of disrespect .. Another related to the frequent phone calls of presidents “Why is he constantly calling? Stop picking up from him!”- rushes into one of the programs.

A boy from Ukraine asked Francis to visit his country

More examples appear in the video posted by the journalist. In a western programme Class Politician called the “gray mass of invertebrates”. In another recording, Vladimir Soloviev, the Kremlin’s head of propaganda, warned that Macron’s statements were misleading. “It has no effect on anything, absolutely nothing,” Solovyov says.

Dmytro Koleba responds to Macron: Such calls may insult France

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, President Macron has expressed his readiness for dialogue with Moscow. In an interview published today in the regional newspaper Quest France, he said that we cannot humiliate Russia to end the fighting in Ukraine. In his opinion, it is necessary to build the right ground for diplomatic solutions in which – he said – the role of France may be of primary importance.

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Der Spiegel: Schulz's talks with Putin make senseDer Spiegel: Schulz’s talks with Putin make sense

In response to these words, Chief Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ukraine has stated that Russia is humiliating itself. “Calls not to humiliate Russia can only humiliate France and any other country that might demand it,” he wrote on Twitter. According to Minister Kuleba, we should all focus on recall Russia Good. “It will bring peace and save people’s lives,” he added.