Science for Society – a new program for the Minister of Education and Science


Up to 2 million PLN for projects of higher education and science system entities that promote cooperation between science, the economy and society. Education and Science Minister Przemyslav Czarnik established the Science for Society programme.

“The comprehensive catalog of scientific programs proposed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education has so far lacked an initiative that would cover such a wide range of research issues critical from the point of view of the socio-economic development of our country,” Minister Przemysław Czarnek. “The scope of this program was chosen to emphasize the dependencies and mutual benefits in the fields of science-innovation-economics. In this way, we focus on improving the effectiveness of cooperation between science and the economic and social environment, and promoting innovation in scientific research.”


The objective of the new program of the Minister of Education and Science is to support entities of higher education and the science system as well as other institutions working towards the dissemination of science. Co-financing in the amount of 100 thousand. Up to PLN 2 million, projects focused on cooperation of scientific institutions with NGOs, social and economic environment can be covered.

Three pillars

The program includes financial support for projects in three areas:

  • Scientific excellence – support of projects aimed, among other things, at improving the quality of scientific research, conducting new research topics important for social and economic development, internationalizing Polish science, increasing its recognition and shaping its public perception;
  • Science for innovation – support projects that increase the effectiveness of cooperation between science and the economic environment, support innovation and commercialization of research and development results, disseminate knowledge about the relationship between science, innovation and the economy;
  • Humanities – Society – Identity – support projects that popularize innovative and interdisciplinary research in the field of humanities, promote national attitudes and national and regional traditions, search for sources of Polish culture in the country and abroad.
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As part of the Science for Society programme, funding can be obtained for the implementation of projects by universities, research institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences, research institutes, international research institutes operating in the territory of the Republic of Poland, Łukasiewicz Center, institutes operating within the Łukasiewicz Research Network, Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences, Medical Education Center, and graduates of other entities conducting scientific activity and other units working to disseminate science.

Call for proposals

Applications for the program will open in August 2021 and will be conducted on an ongoing basis. Applications can be submitted via the Integrated Services System for Science – Processing Funding Flows (OSF) on the website


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