British aircraft engine maker Rolls-Royce Holdings Inc. has announced that it will offer employees a fixed benefit of £2,000, equivalent to about PLN 10,800. It is expected to reach 70 per cent of the UK workforce to help deal with the rising cost of living.

Reuters noted that the UK economy initially recovered strongly from the COVID-19 pandemic, but society is now suffering from inflation and the rising cost of living. A combination of phenomena contributed to this – labor shortages, supply chain disruptions, post-Brexit trade problems and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Rolls-Royce will pay the benefit to the workers

Britain’s Rolls-Royce Holdings has now announced that it will pay a total interest of 11,000. employee and 3 thousand. junior managers. And the company announced in a statement sent to Reuters that it is also providing 4 percent. Retroactive salary increase from March by 11,000 British workers.

The company indicated that it is offering for the first time a “bonus” related to the economic situation and not to the financial results of the concern.

Rolls-Royce announced that 3,000 employees will receive the benefit in August of this year, and the remaining 11,000. You will receive it after the union agrees to the contract.

Reuters pointed out that this solution comes a few days after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned that sharp wage growth threatens to increase prices even more, which in his opinion may lead to a spiral of wage prices.

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