The worlds of LEGO and Star Wars have been linked many times, both in games and in movies, but there may not have been such a loose approach to the story. This is LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation, the most important Star Wars characters on vacation!

The Star Wars universe is now in a serial mania phase on Disney+. We are still waiting for a specific movie related to cinema films, while the new games have not yet come, while three series have already appeared on the Disney VOD platform, and recently a LEGO game was shown that summarizes the fate of the Skywalker family in three films. . The game’s creators have revamped the original and prequel trilogy, as well as expanding the content of the three most recent movies (so far, only “The Force Awakens” has been available as a LEGO game). However, the brand collaboration is not just limited to games, because we regularly receive shorter or longer animations with characters featured in the LEGO version. Now it’s time for Vader and the Emperor’s holiday adventures…

LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation Trailer

Short material to announce the movie premiere on Disney+ featuring our favorite characters in unusual circumstances. Beach Vader with Emperor, Obi-Wan Kenobi at the tavern, shortage of Stormtroopers, and problems caused by supporters of the Light Side of the Force. But what will be the main plot? What challenge will the characters face? Is going on vacation a sufficient problem for them and the circumstances in which they will not be able to find themselves? The sneak peak looks interesting.

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LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation release date

It has been confirmed that the premiere will take place on August 5 at Disney+, and since most new titles are available on the platform in most countries, we can instead count on an imminent appearance as well in our country.