The head of the German Foreign Ministry, Annallina Bierbock, announced that Germany will stop importing crude oil from Russia by the end of the year.

The head of German diplomacy confirmed on Wednesday (April 20) that Germany has announced that it will halve its oil imports from Russia by summer, and give it up by the end of the year. Annalena Barbock After his meeting with the foreign ministers of the Baltic states.

“In the past in this field [energetyce – red.] We made mistakes and we can’t undo them anymore. “But now we must reduce our energy imports from Russia even further,” German media quoted Barbock as saying.

“By the summer, we will halve our consumption of Russian crude oil, and by the end of the year we will reach zero, and then there will be gas,” Barbock explained.

At the same time, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed the schedule for Germany’s withdrawal from Russian energy, which was previously presented by the Vice-Chancellor, the Minister of Economy and Climate Protection. Robert HABIK. Germany is expected to withdraw from importing coal from Russia by the end of the summer.

Let us remind you that the sanctions announced by the European Union a few days ago should stop the import of coal from Russia from August onwards. Little is known about Germany’s withdrawal from Russian gas. On Wednesday, Annalena Barbock, a diplomat, said it would be “according to the general European schedule”.

Germany imports a lot of Russian oil

Russia the biggest The world’s largest source of natural gas and crude oil. According to Energy International, 45 percent. Russia’s budget in 2021 came from the sale of these raw materials.

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Regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine and subsequent reports of crimes and torture committed by Russian soldiers against the Ukrainian civilian population, pressure on EU leaders to make Western sanctions hit the aggressor more difficult. There is a ban on importing raw materials from Russia on the horizon.

In 2019, the European Union covered a quarter of its oil needs from Russia. As reported by, Europe pays for oil imports every day Vladimir put it in 285 Million dollars.

at Last year, Russia in this way jointly received from the European Union and the United Kingdom 104 Billion dollar. The largest importers of oil in the European Union in 2021 (in terms of amounts spent) were Germany – 23.6 billion dollars, Poland – 14.7 billion dollars, and the Netherlands – 11.4 billion dollars.

Information from Deusche Welle shows that Germany produces 36 percent. They need oil-based energy and are therefore in the middle of European consumption.

Work on EU ambergris underway

Remember that the current sanctions against Russia hardly cover energy resources. The only thing under embargo is coal. The ban on its import appeared in the fifth package of sanctions.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian authorities argue that the oil embargo against Russia is a necessity.

In recent negotiations on sanctions at the EU level, Hungary, Germany and Austria have not taken any action. Sweden, Denmark and Finland also refuse to boycott oil.

French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire announced, on Tuesday, that work is underway to impose a ban on Russian oil imports to the European Union.