The Northwest Ambulance Service has ended a major incident it has reported due to the high level of calls.

The service covering one of the worst affected areas of England Corona Virus, Which stretches across Greater Manchester, has had a boom of 999 calls.

But a spokesperson said there was no evidence at this point that the increase in calls was related to Covid-19.

And since then stopped the big incident, after “it started to see a decrease in calls,” adding that it “will continue to monitor the situation closely throughout the night.”

In an official statement earlier, it said Mondays had traditionally been occupied with ambulance service, but it was unclear why the demand was high today.

The ambulance service said it was “exceptionally busy” on Monday night and warned patients to expect delays.

The Northwest Ambulance Service announces a major accident

“We have announced a major incident due to the high level of calls,” a statement said.

“If your call is not life threatening, you may be asked to find an alternative source of care or go to the hospital.”

“We are doing our best to reach patients as quickly as possible,” the Northwest Ambulance Service said.

The service called on citizens not to request an ambulance unless their condition threatens their lives.

The ambulance service also asked people not to call back and ask how long the paramedics would last.

According to th Manchester Evening News, Staff agreed to cancel all two-hour breaks due to the busy night.

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The service is believed to have been affected by paramedics who have been isolated by the Coronavirus.

The Ambulance Union also urged people not to overwhelm the service with calls.

NWAS Union tweeted: “Please help our staff with contact only if you really need us.

“They are running rough at the moment and will get to you ASAP. Please consider using 111 first. Thank you.”

NWAS Unison branch secretary Geoff Gorman said business crews had never dealt with a situation like this before.

“Obviously we get into the stress of winter which is always a really busy time of year,” he said.

“ Things are much worse at the moment because of the Covid and its impact on the resources.

“Many of our members are out of isolation, which naturally leads to fewer ambulances on the road.”

He said NWAS has been open with Unison about the pressures the service was facing.

Mr. Gorman added, “To be fair to the management team, they were completely open and were looking for ways to maximize the number of ambulances there.

The ambulance union issued an appeal to relieve the pressure on employees

“It’s very extreme. I’ve been here for 30 years and have never known anything like that.” They don’t announce a major accident easily. Usually we intervene and deal with it. “

The official statement of the ambulance service tonight asked patients to “bear with us.”

She later said that the number of calls had decreased since announcing the big incident, thanking the public for heeding her call.

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“If your call is not life-threatening, you may be asked if you can look for an alternative source of care or make your way to the hospital by alternative means,” the statement said.

“You can help us reach patients who need our help urgently by not calling 999 unless the condition is life-threatening or potentially life-threatening, and by not calling us to find out the whereabouts of your ambulance or calling to cancel any ambulance that did not Longer you have a require or you feel is essential.

“We are doing our best to reach patients as quickly as possible and apologize for any delay in our response. Please bear with us.

For medical advice, please go to 111 online.